Cutting Section of a garments Industry (Industrial Report of garments Chapter five p: 1 )

Chapter- 5
Cutting Section

            Cutting section is the most important and risky section in garment industry. For a little mistake full order may be cancelled. With the false measurement a big portion of garment may employed. With very care this section is handled.
                In jeans care  Ltd. there consists 9 cutting table. From the CAD section marker comes out. For stripe & verigated rib fabric there is no marker use because if use the marker for stripe fabric, frequently don’t match the stripe of one side to the other. This is a buyer requirement to match the stripe. Manually the stripe fabric is spreader out on the cutting table. Only marker is used for the solid dyed fabric. Normally big marker length is 5.5 yards & thickness of lay is 4 inch.

Straight Knife Cutting Machine:

                In jeans care  Ltd. all the fabric is cut down with the Straight Knife Cutting Machine by the help of skilled operator. Here use a blade which is very sharp and change this on the basis of fabric quantity & composition, normally in every after 4 days. Here, in the below give a short description on this machine:

Fig: Straight Knife Cutting Machine
(Km Cloth Cutting Machine)

              Machine Parts   :
         §  Base plate
         §  Terminal Block
         §  Plug
         §  Crosshead Assay
         §  Clamp Washer
         §  Knife Clamp Stud
         §  Presser Foot
         §  Blade
         §  Sharpener Pulley
         §  S/Pulley – Right
         §  Pulley Spring
         §  On/Off Switch
         §  Lift Handle

                                                      Fig: Straight Knife Cutting Machine

Machine Name : K.M. Company Cloth Cutting Machine

Model                   : KM KS-AUV
Producer              : Made By K.M. Cutting Machine Co, JAPAN
Price                     : US $189.00  
Type                      : Heavy Duty Industrial Cloth Cutting Machine Self Sharpening.  
Dimension            : 8" W x 11" L x 24" H (weight 33.5Lb)
Current                 : A. C (3.3/2.6 amps)
Speed                   : 3000/ 3600

                                                                           Fig: Main Motor Portion

Fig: Blade Portion
Short Note:
Machine power up, Motor run smooth and powerful. Blade moved as it should,  The sharpening mechanism came down. Machine is very well made, looks like a top of the line product. Is has a very good appearance and seems to be working fine.


ü   As it is comparatively cheaper, easy moveable and maximum lay height could be cut, used extensively in garment industries.

ü   Could cut fabric at more curved line than the round knife.

ü   Cutting could be done for up to 10 inch depth of the lay.

ü   Quick fabric cutting.

ü   Components could be cut out directly from the fabric lay.

ü   Grinding could be done during cutting.

ü   Could be cut at any angle.


ü   Knife deflection may result due to heavy weight of the motor.

ü   Higher the depth of the lay, higher will be the deflection.

ü   Possibility of accident is higher.

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